Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Needham Day Care Center Offers Better Benefits than Video Games

"Reading the above, it’s clear to see that video games’ negative effects can be quite alarming, and seem to outweigh the benefits that they otherwise provide. If your preschooler has acquired the video game habit, now is the time to start pulling him away from it. So how do you begin to do this? You can start by replacing ‘video’ game play with ‘real’ game play, such as those offered by Needham baby day care centers like Little-Ducks. The programs at day care centers like Little-Ducks offer many opportunities for the social development of your child through various age-appropriate activities that aim to improve their listening skills, attention span, ability to follow directions, and independent thinking. It is the intention of these programs to provide your child an atmosphere where they can grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. These are the things you want for your child, so starting today, turn that video game off, take him to a day care center you can trust, and hav

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